Paris, pink city in the lens of the Lumix GM1

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Lumix GM1-S: Tour Eiffel rose

Feeling the craving to blog more regularly, I went looking for inspiration to feed the blog. I found many great ideas on Natacha Birds’ blog (FR) that is very poetic and I’m partial to fact that she’s also owned by a Shiba Inu.

I decided to do a photo serie on the colour pink using the camera Réjean brought back from Japan: the Lumix GM1. It’s one of those much famed hybrids with removable lenses that are great rivals to the reflex cameras with their small sizes and powerful processors.

I thought I would be able to show you the pictures and review the camera at the same time but I still have trouble figuring out its settings. Most reflex camera work in the same way (I use Canon at home and Nikon at work) but I am completely lost on the Lumix. I guess I’ll have to read the manual thoroughly, oh the daunting task!

All I can say is that even with the full automatic mode, the pictures that come out of it are on par with the quality of a dSLR with a crop sensor. I like that it shoots in RAW format making it very easy to edit exposure or white balance miscalculations. Plus, it’s a small camera that I can slip into my handbag as it weighs only 204 g.

I wish that the good weather will carry on all through the summer so that I can continue testing this camera :).

Par Cynthia

Montréalaise en escale à Paris.

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