Transformation [July]

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Biking with the Garmin Venu

The theme chosen for the picture of the month of July is: “Transformation.” It was chosen by Pilisi who gave us these indications:

To transform … going from one state to another … modification, change … sporting prowess… It’s up to you to show what transformation you are capable of…

When I got back to the office after working from home for four months, one of my colleagues asked me if “that was a baby bump,” to which I replied, “no, it’s a confinement bump.” It’s not even insulting, I gained 20 pounds since last summer. I don’t even fit in most of my shorts!

It is time to take back control of my body. I bought a fitness tracker to help me with this challenge. I  choose the Garmin Venu, it is so fancy that it even acts as a coach. I am even trying to start running with a “couch to 5k” challenge.

By Cynthia

Montréalaise en escale à Paris.

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