And that was July, August, September and October ’16

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Akira et Cynthia à la maison

It’s been a long time since I’ve published an article in the English version of Sur un Boeing Bleu de Mer. It is not because I’m out of love for my English-speaking readers. No, it’s because I’ve been having Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) flare-ups since last July. It left me almost incapacitated and using a computer triggers pain in my arms and neck.

C'était le mois de juin '16
C'était le mois de juin '16

After feeling better in June, TOS pain became much worse just before my summer holidays. It would have been much more responsible to postpone and take a medical leave until I got better. However, I really wanted to spend time with my partner this summer, so I forced myself to work even if I was under a lot of pain.

I did enjoy my road trip in Central France but I was unable to get some much needed rest. The pain got worse and I did not get much sleep as the beds were often too small and the pillows too big.

In September, I returned to my office and after a few days the pain got unbearable. I felt as if my body was shutting down and my doctor put me on medical leave until mid-October.

During that time, I consulted with three surgeons that basically said the same thing: my TOS won’t go away unless I have surgery. At that point, I had tried everything in my power to avoid it: physiotherapy, balneotherapy, anti-inflammatory diet, hypnotherapy and yoga. Having made peace with this necessary procedure, I will soon know the date of the operation.

Aurore rose de septembre
Street art de David Selor


My pain level is currently much more manageable. It has allowed me to go back to work, but only in the mornings (3.5 hours/day). During the afternoon, I rest or have medical appointments.

I like working, it allows me to feel less lonely and have some kind of purpose. I sure hope that I will be able to continue working until my surgery.

Se reposer avec Akira
I feel lucky to have Akira by my side

Recovery will take a long time since my TOS is now bilateral. It means that after my first surgery, I will have another a few months after. I still have many weeks of not doing much ahead of me!

So now you know why my blog seems abandoned. I might be able to post from time to time … or not!





By Cynthia

Montréalaise en escale à Paris.

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