And that was September ’15

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It almost feels as if some higher power did not want us to transition smoothly from our summer holidays to the premises of autumn. Bang! We went from sunny warm weather to cold dark and rainy in the blink of an eye. Since we have been back home, Réjean has been insisting to put away our balcony table, saying that we were not going to use it. On my part, I have been adamant that he leaves it outside as I was sure that we were going to use it again.

One month of arguing for nothing since the weather has not been nice: when it’s not raining, it’s either too windy or too cold to sit outside. While in Montreal summer stretched on longer than expected, I have traded my sandals for my heavy sweaters as I landed in Paris. Some Parisians have already started wearing their Canada Goose jackets! In any case, we are all longing for October 15th, when the heat will be turned on in most apartment buildings.

Akira et son duvet de mue

Mister Akira did not feel like waiting for the heat to come back and decided to shed his coat right at the beginning of the month. The good news is that his fur is growing, even in his bald spot left by a surgery. After the removal of an infected cyst in May, he was left with a three centimeter hole in his fur from which we could see his piggy-pink skin. Five months later, no hair had grown back and I was ready to vow to love my dog even with his big bald spot. If I’m lucky his fur might be back to normal just in time for Christmas!

Akira a eu 8 ans

Speaking of the love of my life, he turned eight on September 21st ! It is odd to think that instead of getting a puppy we could have had a baby and he would now be halfway through his primary education, knowing how to read and write. Instead, we have Akira who has learned his 36th word during his holidays at my in-laws: steak. It’s funny because he recognises the word even when we’re speaking causally. When he hears it, he stops whatever he’s doing and looks at us very attentively !

Bouchon Parc de Vincennes

The other love of my life has bought himself a new toy. I tried to convince him to test his new car on a trip away from Paris. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get away yet as we are both too busy. In the meantime, we have tried to enjoy it by going shopping in the suburbs but we often got stuck in never-ending traffic jams that are unfortunately too common around Paris.

Café du matin

Twice a week, I now go to the gym before going to work. In the beginning, I was afraid that I would not be able to keep it up but it’s going surprisingly well. It seems as if waking up earlier twice a week helps me for the rest of the week: no more hitting the snooze button repeatedly!

Gyoza et bière rue Saint-Anne

In September we have eased ourselves back into our Parisian habits: eating in restaurants, seeing friends, seeing plays … but no visiting museum exhibition. It seems that between the subjects that were explore too many times to count, the overcrowded rooms and the museums I am boycotting, I have not been able to find an temporary exhibition that I wanted to see. I’m feeling less and less cultured ;).

I hope that September was great for you and that October will be even greater!

By Cynthia

Montréalaise en escale à Paris.

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