In 2008, after graduating from Concordia University in Montreal, I embarked for a new adventure in Paris. In my suitcase: Akira, my dog. I am passionate about travel and culture which made Paris a great city for me with its two international airports and its lively cultural calendar.

Far from home, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome was a hardship I was not prepared to face alone. After 9 years in Paris and becoming a French citizen, the call for home was too strong to ignore.

I miss the proximity of Europe, but I am learning to enjoy my life back in North America… with Akira of course !

Sur un Boeing Bleu de Mer, what’s with the name ?

No Quebecer would ever ask me what the name of my blog means but here’s an explanation for those of you who are not familiar with the name.

It translates roughly into « On a Sea-Blue Boeing, » it’s the lyrics to the chorus of a song  by Robert Charlebois called Je reviendrai à Montréal (I will return to Montreal). In this song, he laments on how he misses the province of Quebec and its northern winters. I listened to it with great nostalgia (and tears) while I was abroad. I have found a website where the French lyrics were translated into English ->here.


Photography is a hobby that I have enjoyed since I was five years old. As the years passes, my gear has evolved. Here is what I currently use:



I shoot in RAW on my Canon and edit the images with Adobe Lightroom. I will sometimes use Photoshop or VSCOcam on my iPhone.

Contact, partnerships, press relations ?

Please contact me at cynthia [a] boeingbleudemer . com

Collaborations will be systematically notified. I use affiliated links from Amazon, meaning I will earn a percentage of any sale referred by this website.

My travels

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