Leaving for Florida and GoPro challenge

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At this very moment, we are probably enjoying Cocoa Beach with our toes buried in the white sand. With the help of my sister, I have planned a few things to do in Florida, there’s just so much to see and do ! Meanwhile, my mother and Réjean, my boyfriend, mostly look forward to relaxing by the pool. I hope that we will find some sort of middle-ground!

On the map below, I have added a few places I’d like to go while we’re spending our vacations in Florida. During our 2012 trip, we explored Miami and the Keys but this time we would like to visit North-Eastern Florida and the West coast (Tampa, Sanibel, Fort Myers …). As usual, we have not booked our hotels in advance, we’ll see where the road leads us. If you have any suggestion of things to add to my map, I’d be happy to hear about it in the comments.

As I have mentioned it in my video, I challenge myself to upload a travel video upon my return to Paris. I’d love to make a nice video that shows the atmosphere of Florida and all the beautiful things we will see.

I bought a GoPro because there are many places where I wouldn’t dare taking my dSLR. I’m especially cautious around water and sand, both of which could destroy my precious camera. The GoPro will be perfect for this task and will even allow me to film in the water. I will be travelling with three cameras (Canon 7D, Lumix GM1 and GoPro Hero 4) plus my Iphone.

I don’t think I’ll be publishing any posts while I’m away because I will not be bringing my laptop. I’ll share my first pictures and impressions on social media:


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