Happy tenth birthday to the 2seconds tent

10 ans de la tente 2seconds: camping à Paris

When I learned about the tenth anniversary of the 2seconds tent, I immediately accepted the invitation. To celebrate in an original fashion, Quechua had installed a rooftop camping suspended over the city of Paris.

From the seventh-floor, I ate hors d’oeuvre and marvelled at the Parisian skyline while standing in the grass … very unusual! I consider my-self to be an avid customer of Decathlon, however I had never realised that the offices of Quechua are located close to the Mont Blanc where their teams test out their new products. A few employees had come to Paris to help out at the event and I was impressed by their dynamism and positive attitude. We even had the chance of meeting Aby, one of the engineers involved in creating the 2seconds tent.

I was definitely impressed and took the time to thank him for this tent that we have used and enjoyed since 2009. With it, we have set-up camp in Denmark, Northern Quebec, Germany, Slovenia and also in France. I love that it’s a tent that is both affordable and practical with its set-up being almost instant: one less thing to do after a long day! During the demonstration, I have noticed that they have improved the system to fold the tent. If we upgrade our tent, I won’t be able to make my old joke “two seconds to set-up and thirty minutes to fold back.”

We did not have much luck at stargazing because of the light pollution of Paris. We saw the Eiffel Tower sparkle but unfortunately my Lumix GM1 had run out of batteries by then. Some bloggers were invited to sleep in the shadow of the Montparnasse Tower but were not part of the lucky few. We went back home after a fun evening and with two jugs customised by ourselves and two Arpenaz 10 bags, one of which has not since left Réjean’s back.

La campagne à la ville

Décoration de gourde
Arpenaz 10 et gourdes

Tour Eiffel

Camper sur le toit
Plier la tente 2 seconds
Champagne sur rooftop

The my2seconds app

The celebration continues on social media with the my2seconds app (iPhone and Android) on which your are invited to share your most memorable two seconds. Your participation might make you win a trip to Peru … to meet the Quechua people!

Un gâteau aussi bon que beau !
A cake that was as good as it looked
Bonne nuit!
Good night

– This post was written following an invitation for bloggers, all the opinions are mine. Thank you for everything!

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